Facts About Rafael Nadal

Did you know that Rafael Nadal is naturally right-handed He picked tennis over soccer at 12 years old

His uncle was a top-level professional soccer player The Spanish Tennis Federation didn’t support him like other players

He prefers a smaller grip than most He uses an L2, 4 1/4 inch grip on his racquet

He beat a Grand Slam Champion before he was 15 years old

He’s one of the youngest players to ever win an ATP match

He’s one of only two players to win the Career Golden Slam

Nick Name: King Of Clay Also Known As: Rafael Nadal Parera, Rafa Nadal

2001–2004: Early career and Davis Cup title 2005: First Grand Slam title 2006: Second French Open title

In 2007, Rafael Nadal established ‘Fundación Rafa Nadal’ in order to help children and young adults