Apple New M2 chip will include 25% more transistors and 50% more bandwidth than M1. More powerful 8-core CPU,lightning‑fast 10‑core GPU

New 13-inch Macbook pro support up to 20 hours of battery life and a Magic Keyboard delivers a comfortable, quiet, and responsive typing experience, 5000 nits brightness, 25%  The New 13-inch Macbook pro supports up to 20 hours of battery life and a 

It comes with a brilliant Retina display, a FaceTime HD camera, and studio‑quality mics, it streams 4K and 8K ProRes video with the high-performance media engine.

Dynamic cooling supports blazing‑fast execution. Because of its warm high-level framework and the effectiveness of Apple silicon, MacBook Pro can support genius levels of execution, so you can run CPU‑ and GPU‑intensive undertakings for a really long time

MacOS and M2 cooperate to carry more speed and responsiveness to all your go‑to applications — including Microsoft 365 and iOS applications. More than 10,000 applications and plug‑ins are as of now improved for Apple silicon. Also, Rosetta 2 flawlessly applications intended for Intel processors for use on your MacBook Pro.

Up to 2TB S.S.D, The M2 chip and macOS give MacBook Pro security,built to safeguard your privacy and data at every stage