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welcome everyone, today’s we will be looking at the top five best smart watches that you can buy this year as always for your convenience you can find all the products .

1. Apple Watch Series 6

In number one on our list, we have none other than apple’s new watch series 6 smartwatch this is the best version of the ios smartwatch in the world

The classier materials new colors and always-on display are key reasons to buy plus the ECG and spo2 for those looking for a healthy watch if you know you’re going to hold on to it for a few years you should always go for the most modern version of whatever apple thing you’re going to buy it’ll be supported for longer with updates it’ll offer longer battery life

And it’ll offer the widest range of features aside from the blood oxygen sensors capabilities. the series 6 is packed with all the same health tracking features you get in the series 4 and 5 including the electrical heart rate sensor that enables the FDA cleared ECG app

Which can diagnose atrial fibrillation and series 6 is an excellent fitness tracker like the apple watches that have come before it looks

The apple watch series 6 is an excellent ios smartwatch it has a premium design that’s loaded

With tons of sensors, it tracks fitness and health metrics accurately offers over a full day’s worth of battery life

And has a wide selection of third-party compatible apps throw and watch os 7 and you’re now finally able to track sleep among other new features but unless ECG readings and blood oxygen levels are crucial to track for your overall health you’re better off going with the apple watch and if you currently own an apple watch particularly the series 4 and 5 it’s not worth the upgrade at all beyond these alterations

What continues to impress us about the apple watch is its personality like any great timepiece the series 6 looks distinct is fun to wear and has a bit of magic to it that’s hard to put your finger on if anything familiarity only adds to its charm

  • GPS model lets you take calls and reply to texts from your wrist
  • Measure your blood oxygen with an all-new sensor and app
  • Check your heart rhythm with the ECG app
  • The Always-On Retina display is 2.5x brighter outdoors when your wrist is down
  • S6 SiP is up to 20% faster than Series 5
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi and U1 Ultra Wideband chip
  • Track your daily activity on Apple Watch
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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

In the second number on our picks, we recommend the Samsung’s galaxy watch 3 smartwatches even the toughest of apple’s critics will have to admit that with the apple watch

e Cupertino-based tech giant changed the game in the wearable market however because of apple’s ecosystem limitations

The watch remains elusive for many because of the price and maintains an air of exclusivity this is where Samsung made a smart play with its galaxy watch to snag those who want a smartwatch they can use with their android phones the galaxy watch 3 is Samsung’s latest salvo at the apple watch

The galaxy watch 3 isn’t the apple watch killer android fans have been waiting for but it’s still a top-notch wearable that ticks nearly all the right boxes there’s a lot to love about the galaxy watch 3. it’s superbly made very attractive and its spinning bezel makes it a joy to use

Samsung’s Tizen os is slick too with lots of customization and shortcut options to keep things

Feeling fresh made all it better by its class-leading screen throw in all the fitness bells and whistles you’re ever likely to need with handy auto-tracking features to boot and we have no qualms in saying it’s one of the best smartwatches you can get right now

The only thing that lets it down is its battery life and fairly hefty price tag but given the combination of form and function offered we’d happily recommend it to all but the most hardcore of exercise fiends

  • Galaxy Watch3 combines style—two sizes, two finishes, three colors
  • Galaxy Watch3 gives you the freedom to call, text,
  • You can share the PDF report of your ECG recording
  • The Galaxy Watch3’s long-lasting battery can go for more than a day ⁵on a single charge
  • Galaxy Watch3’s automatic sleep tracker offers insights on how to get a better night’s sleep.
  • Integrated Bixby voice functionality ⁹can read your texts, make a call or initiate coaching on command and on the go.
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3. Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

In the third number on our best smartwatch pick, we have the Fitbit sense advanced smartwatch. the six-plus days of battery life quoted by the company as one of the biggest wins for Fitbit sense this involves the nightly use of spo2


Which can annihilate the Garmin battery we definitely didn’t find any extra but we easily got five to six days this included 24 7 hour wear and a few runs throughout the week and a yoga session


The Fitbit sensed is everything you would want a fitness tracker to do and comes in clutch on the smartwatch side too its additional tracking metrics are just a happy plus and that’s probably the best way to think of them right now

Overall the sense is a nice smartwatch and it does indeed feel like it comes closer than anything I’ve used. at getting the most complete picture of your day-to-day health


The sense’s strong suit is for the underpinning of health and fitness focus the company certainly has a good solid history of upgrades.


But while it packs more sensors than the versa 3 for many the difference will be relatively minor and perhaps difficult to justify that 100 price gap

  • EDA Scan app detects electrodermal activity
  • Assess your heart for atrial fibrillation
  • An on-wrist skin temperature sensor tracks yours each night
  • High & low heart rate notifications alert
  • Battery lasts 6+ days—plus, fast charging
  • Use built-in GPS during runs, hikes, rides and more
  • Use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa Built-in to get quick news,
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4. TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Smart Watch

we recommend you the ticwatches pro 3 GPS smartwatch this watch is for someone who wants excellent performance and battery life. far too often those two things are not features that go together

However on the ticwatch pro 3 the rarity is achieved. swiping between screens scrolling through texts bringing up your google assistant and getting a fast response are all available on this watch then to toss in three-plus days of use between charges is just fantastic

it’s for the person who likes to spend time outside. the improved dual display 2.0 offers a clear view of essential data no matter the lighting conditions the backlight also means that you won’t have to change settings when you’re in dimly lit spaces

Ticwatch pro 3 is the choice for the person who wants to keep better track of their health with its improved heart rate sensor added spo2 sensor and inclusion of new apps to track more aspects of your health. the pro 3 is a wonderful addition to your fitness goals the ticwatch pro 3 is easily one of the best wear os smartwatches out there right now

  • Innovative Technology Ensures Longer Battery Life
  • Updated Chipset, Better Experience
  • Advanced Health and Fitness Monitoring
  • Premium Design, Flagship Model microphone
  • Lighter and More Comfortable – 28% lighter in weight while battery capacity increased by 40% compared with TicWatch product released in 2018. Changeable silicone strap with in-style design.
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5. Moto 360 3rd Gen

In number 5 we recommend you the moto 360 3rd gen smartwatch a fine even excellent wear os watch is the moto 360 smartwatch. many who were taken in by the nostalgia of the name and shape of the moto 360 will feel right at home as the classic design has been modified in the best way


The sensors are precise the ui is easy to navigate and the information given by the watch is helpful with the slick stainless steel and choice of colors the style though prominent is not huge and bulky leaves the consumer looking and feeling like they are wearing a mechanical timepiece


However whilst down from its original price the moto 360 is just an enticing proposition for those who know they want to watch from wear os the moto 360 can’t topple the others as the best in the game. if you’re dithering between other operating systems such as the apple watch


And its watch os or Samsung’s Tizen apps the moto 360 may be among the best wear os watches out there. but it’s not enough to break away from the pack with the nostalgia behind the brand.

    • meticulously designed, premium engineering, Wear OS by Google for Android and iPhone support.
    • Crafted from premium materials: industry leading scratch resistant glass, latest heart rate monitor
    • Quick Charge in 60 minutes – Industry Leading Battery
    • All your favorite apps on WearOS – Spotify, Google Music, Google Pay, Shazam, Viber and many more.
    • Track you WORKOUT
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