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hey guys welcome to we often find TOP 5 COOLEST GADGETS AND INVENTIONS 2021 in search of interesting or creative gadgets to solve life’s little problems or simply to give to someone that we love.

here are  TOP 5 COOLEST GADGETS AND INVENTIONS 2021 available on amazon.

  1. camp stove two

 you can now turn fire into electricity using bio light’s award-winning stove the patented technology works by creating a small vortex of smokeless flames that can be used as a portable campfire allowing you to cook full meals charge any electronics to may have or keep yourself warm all at the same time you can now leave hefty gas canisters behind and save money while doing .

  • warm for even longer
  • each device allows up to three watts of energy to be produced
  • allowing you to charge up to a 2600 mAh battery
  • internal power bank for USB charging of LED lights, mobile phones, and other devices
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2. MPAD balance trainer

 the mpad balance trainer is a product designed to 0increase the user’s balance and core muscle strength with a tilt and swivel motion allegedly mimicking real-life workout movements the device is even compatible with an app that allows the user to play interactive game take part in training programs and even perform instability tests that you can then review on your smartphone or television you can also track your workouts and see how your balance and speed has increased over time

the mpad offers a textured surface that

  • provides increased traction for longer lasting sessions
  • and is even suitable for the elderly
  • when used in a controlled environment
  • it to fit directly into your gym bag or vehicle
  • it will not leave marks on your flooring
  • and was designed to last for many years to come
  • without the need for repair or replacement
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3. lockbook


the lockbook is a brand new device designed by fplife technology based in hong kong this personalized notebook provide excellent security by offering a biometric fingerprint sensor to secure your writings and be customized in many ways to suit your style

the lockbook first launched on indiegogo a short while back where it managed to achieve over double its projected goal in a reasonably short period

this device is considered to be an all-in-one notebook where you can store personal documents private information or even computer passwords the only

  • for a professional businessman or woman
  • this device is a must-have to keep
  • those important documents safe
  • Responsive and fast response
  • USB charging
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4. makuu formbox


the meku formbox is a revolutionary technology that functions somewhat similarly to a 3d printer though in a way the user is responsible for the so-called printing this device allows the user to make customizable Model that can be used for seemingly endless purposes such as arts and crafts home repairs cooking and so much more most molds can be created in a matter of seconds allowing you to speed along your development cycle

this device is excellent for any creator large scale or small and can be used in an almost unimaginably large number of circumstances all you need to do is locate the shape you want to mold place it in the form box then allow the form box to press down over the top of your object

  • Bring your ideas to life
  • Precision Control
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5. river power bank

 the river power bank

is a product that debuted several years ago but has now been rebranded as the eco-flow riverbank this device gained over 1 milliondollars in crowdfunding and was designed to be compliant with most airplane travel restrictions this device offers one of the largest rechargeable batteries on the market

and can be used to power anything from a cell phone to small appliances. the riverbank can maintain a charge for several years before needing to be recharged and its small form factor

  • Usb type c, Usb
  • 12 Volts
  • Unmistakable versatility
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