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This article is prepared after extensive research and all the products ( sublimation printer usa 2021 | best sublimation printer) are added to provide excellent value at the lowest possible price. We have sorted out our list after reviewing several important requirements.

Epson Sublimation Printer USA 2021 | Epson Eco Tank ET-4760 Review sublimation printer usa 2021 | best sublimation printer
    • Fast printing and copying
    • Very low ink cost
    • High-quality image
    • Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct
    • Borderless printing up to A-4 size
    • Spill free ink refilling
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Epson ( sublimation printer usa 2021) is among the most popular printer brands across the world. It manufactures a wide range of inkjet, laser, ecotank printer for home and office use, The Epson Ecotank ET-4760 is an eccellent colour printer for small purpose use in which it offers low long term running cost.

Design and build quality: sublimation printer usa 2021

The Ecotank is a compact little all in one printer. Epson sublimation printer is perfect for sitting on an office shelf, on top of a filling cabinet or in the corner of a desk.

It is not the smallest printer and includes scanning and faxing capabilities and cut down the need for the additional device at the office and house and saving space and money.

It measures 9.1d inch high by 14.5inch wide by 13.7 inches deep and weighs 15 pounds. This model looks adorable with off white color converging whole body. But traditional black color is also available.

It is designed with an auto document feeder on the top. That allows you to auto duplex documents effortlessly. Movig to front side, there is a tilt control pane just like other Eco tank model.

This control panel comes with a 2.4” color touchscreen that helps to set up and manages print options. In the same area there is power button and help buttons.

But most interesting of all that is the transparent ink windows that enable to control ink levels without opening the lid. Besides it also provides visual interest to device. This all in one printer comes with standard functions such as printing, copying, faxing and scanning.

Display: Best Sublimation Printer

The E-4760 has a 2.3 inch toiuchscreen display. There are two physical buttons on the control panel to quickly access home and help menu. Screen is not super clean but easy enough to use for direct looking.

Control panel also swipes up and down to improve visibility whether in case of seating or standing. But it is hard to see screen from side and there are some lag when navigating the menu.

Print capability: Best Sublimation Printer USA 2021

Unless you have a home office, you need to use fax functionally. But this all in one printer is packed with other features. It includes a flatbed scanner and uses that capability to also act as a photocopier.

Load up to 30 pages of leather or legal size paper and it supports printing on a huge range of paper size and types. Manually you can feed paper up to 8.5 inches by 47 inches for printing banners. Print quality is excellent. Epsons Micro poezo and Precision core technology offers print resolution up to (4800×1200) dpi.

Color pages print at up to 8ppm, black pages can print upto 15 ppm. Images came out sharply. It is fast than Epson ET 2750. But it is not that much quicker at handling color documents. It also prints photo very slowly. On the upside, its input tray holds quite a bit of plain paper.

Scanner: sublimation printer

The Epson ET-4760 has great scanning features. There is a flatbelt scanner with a good scan resolution and color depth for photos, as well as a sheetfred automatic document feeder, to quickly scan multiple documents in a row.

Flatbelt scan size is (8.5’’x11’’). But it has no duplex scanning system. However you can only scan oneside of documents at a time. Unlike other Epson printer, it has an integrated fax feature.

sublimation printer Software: USA 2021

Epson connects apps and services are available for any kind of users. You can take benefit from mobile utilities such as Epson remote print, Epson email print, Epson scan to cloud and Epson iprint app.

This printer supports voice-activated printing via Alexa and Google home. It also supports other voice technologies. You can print, scan and copy directly from the app, perform maintenance tasks like firmware updates or printer cleaning and check ink levels.


The Epson ET-4760 has great connectivity features. It can be set up with a Wi-Fi router either by connecting it via ethernet or configuring it wirelessly. Also can use Wi-Fi direct if there is not a wireless router. It does not support Bluetooth but does work with both Air- print and Mopria for mobile printing.

Printing size:

The Epson ecotank ET-4760 ( sublimation printer usa 2021 | best sublimation printer )has an adjustable input tray in front that fits most popular paper size. The sizes are 1. Letter (8.5’’x11’’) 2. Legal (8.5’’x14’’) 3. A6 (105mmx148mm) 4. A4 (210MMX297MM), 5. Photo (4’’ x 6’’) and (5’’ x 7’’)

Cost per print: sublimation printer usa 2021

The Epson ET-4760,s cost per print is remarkably low. The ink bottles are not very expensive. Also the printer gets a lot of use out of them. Even if you print very heavily, it will take quite some time before the cost of ink puts a significant dent in wallet.


The ECOTANK-4760 is not the cheapest printer that you can buy, but savings can be signified over time. Additionally it combines many pieces of office up and running in less time with less clutter.

2. Sublimation Printer Sawgrass -SG500EU

V sublimation printer usa 2021 | best sublimation printer
    • Dazzling quality- high-resolution imagery up to 4800×1200 dpi
    • Photo quality precision
    • Low maintenance and imaging cost
    • Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Modulated DOT technology for optimal image output.
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Samsung SG500 is the only desktop printer designed for sublimation. Sublimation shirt printing is a specific process of printing that first involves printing onto a special sheet of paper, then transferring that image onto another material ( usually polyester or a polyester mix).

The ink is then heated until it disintegrates into the fabric. With low start-up and running costs, anyone will be customized products with vibrant HD images quickly.

Product Description:

the SG500 printer(sublimation printer usa 2021 | best sublimation printer ) is specially designed for sublimation printing. Using sawgrass subject – UHD inks, this printer delivers the highest resolution prints possible for vibrant, ultra-fine photo quality reproduction at (4880×1200) dpi.

Using a multi-cartridge ink system 9black,magnetic, cyan, yellow) the SG500 printer driver unleashes up to 687.754 colours out of just those four cartridges and new UHD ink gives deeper black than any other ink before.

This printer is twice as fast as their Ricoh predecessor and 50% faster than SG 400. Anyone can print 240 prints per hour. This printer has a built-in self-cleaning routine ensuring that the printer is running at its optimal speed.

Sawgrass creative studio:

Every sawgrass SG500 (sublimation printer usa 2021 | best sublimation printer )comes with a free license to the creative studio, the only design tool built especially for sublimation.

The creative studio takes the frustration out of creation by including built-in product templates, thousands of ready to use design, and a seamless integration with sawgrass 500 printer.

Premium membership to the creative studio is also available for unlimited access to additional features and artmark. Save 30% off annual subscription when anyone resister through the sawgrass.

Sawgrass print manager: best sublimation printer

Design online and save to cloud with just a few clicks, anyone can output these to his/her SG500 printer using CS print software. Ensuring the colours, you get are the colours you want to become different substrate materials and transfer papers affect the way colours appear on sublimated items.

it is important to adjust the link output to ensure optimal quality. Sawgrass print manager works in the background, managing the flow of color information from digital artwork to sawgrass printer. This reduces wasted ink and ensures colours on finished products are as accurate and vibrant as possible.

Wi-Fi connectivity: sublimation printer

Print from anywhere and everywhere. Sawgrass 500 features Wi-Fi connectivity. So you do not have to be near the printer in order to send jobs to it.

Wireless set up is a breeze, anyone will set up a printer and print wirelessly in no time.

Moduler Dot technology:

Sawgrass SG500 (sublimation printer usa 2021 | best sublimation printer )offers the absolute highest print quality with its modulated Dot technology. This technology ensures optimal image output on sublimation transfer paper.

It also allows for more accurate placement of ink dots and better dot uniformity, which translates to higher transfers.

This printer also prints up to an outstanding (4880×1200) dpi for ultra-fine photo quality reproducti0ns. This is ideal for sublimation on aluminium photo panels among many other substrates.

Optimal bypass tray:

By default, Sawgrass SG500 can print up to (8.5’’x14’’) which is perfect for creating personalized products like mugs, coasters, keychains, mousepads and even more. But anyone wants to write, even more, the optimal bypass tray allows you to feed up to 51 sheets through. The sawgrass is backwards compatible with the bypass tray for SG400 series printers. So, if you are upgrading from sawgrass SG400 there is no need to get a new bypass tray.

sublimation printer Sawgrass inks:

The heart of sublimation the process of using heat and pressure to permanently transfer ink from paper into a physical object. It depends on one vital ingredient- sublimation ink. Sawgrass has been the global leader in sublimation ink development for over 30 years. A dedicated team of scientists continually test and refine formulas for inks.

These inks are manufactured in the USA. Sawgrass approved inks deliver superior reliability and performance in sawgrass printer. It provides maximum value and the best possible image quality. Also, sawgrass inks work with the print manager, providing seamless end to end color management.


Compared with heat transfer, sublimation printing is much longer-lasting and can produce intricate, high-resolution prints in any shape. The SG500 has some serious upgrades to equip you with everything. You need to start and run a successful business. From new single roll-bar and WI-FI connectivity to their increased print resolution and energy efficiency, this printer offers unmatched consistency and reliability for any size job.

3. Sublimation Printer WorkForce WF-7210

Epson Workforce Sublimation Printer USA 2021 | Best Sublimation Printer WorkForce WF-7210 sublimation printer usa 2021 | best sublimation printer
  • Great print quality
  • Duplex A3 (Not just A4)
  • Fast
  • 2 trays
  • Long warranty
  • No memory card reader
  • No front USB
  • Paper handling can be problematic
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The Epson work Force WF-7210 is a single function wide format printer that is fast and produces quality output, making it an excellent addition to a small office in need of printing pages up to 13 by 19 inches.

It is a likeable A3 color printer with low running costs, good connectivity, a price and duplex printing. It does great prints as well, it might be worth investing a bit more to get an all-in-one through.

Design: sublimation printer usa 2021

This is an A3 printer. So as expected, it arrived in a big box and the printer is massive. Buyers need a significant desk place to accommodate WF-7210 DTW and enough clearance above, as it is more than 300 mm high. At (567×424)mm its footprint exceeds that of an A2 sheet. The printer has 2 trays.

Both of the trays can handle up to 125 A5 sheets. There is a straight sheet feed and a fold-out, extensible output tray. It has an ethernet port as well as a USB port, but no cables needed. Control panels are fairly standard with a 56mm LCD screen that provides basic information about printer status.

Nothing flashy, it has no card reader or front USB port. You need a device (smartphone or computer) to print from it. Open top cover to shove in 4 cartridges-Epson provides standard durable ultra 3.6ml ink cartridges with XL(3X capacity 10.8 ml) and XXL (6x capacity, 34.1 ml) cartridges available, albeit only in black for latter capacity.

This printer comes with a driver and utilities(CD), a set of ink cartridges, a power cord, a quick start guide and warranty documents.

Connectivity: best sublimation printer

The WF-7210’S connectivity options consist of Wi-fi, Ethernet connectivity to a single PC via USB, Wi-Fi direct, near field communication(NFC). The last two are peer to peer network protocols that allow you to connect your mobile device to the printer without either them as your printer being connected to an intermediary network or router.

In addition, NFC allows printing by simply touching your smartphone or tablet to a hotspot on the printer, which in this printer is located to the left of the control panel. Unfortunately, WF-7210 cannot print from USB thumb drives.

The Control panel consists of a 2.2-inch monochrome LCD and a handful of navigation buttons for scrolling and drilling down through menus.

sublimation printer Output:

Epson rates the printer at 18 pages per minute for monochrome and 10 pages per minute for color using widely available ISO/IEC 24734 test, which is a table, chart and graph heavy document. The printer can also do an automatic duplex, reaching up to 8.7 ppm in mono and 6 ppm in color.

In draft mode, it has a rated speed of 32 pages per minute in mono and 20 pages per minute in color. It maximum duty cycle is 20000 pages per month with recommended duty cycle being between 200-2500 pages per month.

One will need to install drivers to detect A3 paper, default windows drivers only showed a tiny fraction of the range of paper that the WF-7210DTW supports. Speaking of the paper we used standard 80 gsm stock for our tests, be carefull with even the slightest dog-earthing of your paper sheet as we found out that this printer is quite finicky when it comes to paper handling.

We printed a series of full-size A3 pictures at the highest definition and stands at (4800×2400)dpi, there are two other default print settings but the driver offers a wealth of settings to be changed.

Color printouts of A3 sheets will not dry instantly which means that is advisable to remove them to prevent kinking. Print quality is more than decent for Epson’s precision core technology. Smaller ink drops meant crisp black text without acceptable smudges. Obviously, paper quality will play a role especially when printing color papers.


the Epson WF-7210 (sublimation printer usa 2021 | best sublimation printer )is an excellent printer for small business purpose. It comes with 2 paper drawers, which is a huge benefit in the business environment if you plan to print more than just one page.

While its running costs are a concern the WF-7210 is fast and prints well. Its performance and wealth of features make it our pick for a single function super tabloid printer for low-to medium-volume output in a home-based small office.