SimpliSafe Camera Full Review USA 2021 | SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Camera

SimpliSafe Camera Full Review USA 2021 | SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Camera

Hello Readers! This is Rupan. Today’s blog post is regarding the product SimpliSafe camera 2021. (SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Camera)

Are you worried about the protection of your home, family, and important assets in your house?

Then this simplisafe home security system for you. This product works like a security guard for your house.

Where you can see what’s happening at home at any time, anywhere from your smartphone itself only.

It is the budget security camera, which is affordable than the cc tv.

SimpliSafe is the newest security camera with advanced features and is easy to use it.

I have been using this for 2-3 weeks. Here is my opinion of this doorbell home security camera.

Continue reading to know more about the specifications, pricing, and availability.

By the way, before reading the specs, read the buying guide for a home camera security system

Buying Guide- SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Camera

What Is SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Camera? How does It work?

SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera 2021 is the product that records the video in front of your home.

It keeps an eye on your home. You can watch live HD video for free from your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

This is a wireless security camera, which works with electricity.

It can work with all types of home or doorbell set up, even for the old homes also.

Things Need To Remember While Buying

SimpliSafe Camera Picture Quality: SimpliSafe Camera

The quality of the picture is the major part of this product. It should record the video in HDR so that you will detect the person clearly.

SimpliSafe Camera Motion Detection:

Some cameras will detect only if any activities are going on. The other will record the video 24/7. For business people, you need to have all the footage of the activities.

SimpliSafe Camera Installation:

You need to check whether the installation process is easy or not. Some are facing issues with the installation process.

SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Camera Features

SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Camera Features
SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Camera Features
  • 1080p HD
  • 162° super wide-angle field of the view
  • Day+night vision
  • 2-way audio
  • Detection of person
  • Detection of motions
  • Ignores motion from cars
  • Gets alerts for motion
  • Built-in chime
  • Privacy shutter
  • Adjustable activity zones
  • 14°–104° F operating temperature
  • You can see what’s happening at home on your phone
  • Video footage will be stored in the cloud

Dissimilar to other outside video cameras, simplisafe home security system has two different sensors.

One sensor detects the heat signature of people and the other sensor detects human form.

You will get alerts for all activity things in front of the home on your smartphone.

Place the camera in the area, where you want to keep and monitor with your device.

Camera Specs

The resolution of the simplisafe camera is 1080p HD. It records the video in HDR. It is easy to detect the people, who they are.

This security camera has a 162° super wide-angle field of view.

It will recognize the view in day and also in dark with HD quality.

A special feature of this doorbell camera is that when it is paired with the alarm system and monitoring. So that it can be used as visual verification if any emergency occurred.

The outdoor home security has a privacy shutter that makes a loud click and is visible.

If any person stands in front of the door, then it will send the notification to the phone.

The recorded video can be viewed in the simplisafe app or the simplisafe web portal.

You can talk to guests with the 2-way audio feature without answering the door only.

The camera operating system temperature from 14°–104° F to -4°–114° F.


SimpliSafe home security system makes you risk-free.

The recorded footage will be secured in the cloud so that nobody can erase or hack it.

There are no voice controls due to security reasons.

When you access the simplisafe app on the new device, you will get an email before allowing you to log into your account.


The recorded video will be stored in cloud storage only.

There is no access to video to store in internal storage.

How To Install SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Camera

Follow the below steps to install the video doorbell pro security camera.

  1. Turn off the power supply of your home at the circuit breaker.
  2. Remove the existing doorbell by losing the screws, then unhook the wires from the back of the doorbell.
  3. At the center of the mounting bracket thread the doorbell wires.
  4. Drill the holes and screw the mounting bracket to the wall.
  5. Loose the terminal screws and connect the wires to the mounting bracket.
  6. Slide your doorbell onto the mounting bracket
  7. Now turn on the power supply at the circuit breaker.
  8. Then download the simplisafe app on your smartphone.
  9. Log in with your email address and password.
  10. Go to the menu section and choose cameras, then tap on install camera.
  11. Follow the instructions that the app provides to add the name of your camera and your Wi-Fi network.


  • Getting alerts for any activities are going on to your phone
  • You can check the recorded video in the emergency time
  • The recorded footage will be stored in cloud storage only
  • Can set up the camera even to the existing doorbell
  • The picture quality is nice even in the night vision also.


  • There is no battery backup. It won’t record the video when the power cuts.
  • There is no availability of 24/7 recording. It will only record when it detects motion
  • There is no feature of zoom in and out of the video.
  • Audio is so delayed in delivery.


This simplisafe camera costs $169 in which includes self-monitoring, mobile app access.

To Get alerts for motion detection and cloud storage, then you need to have a subscription plan which starts from $4.99 per month.

For 10 cameras recording with cloud storage, it costs $9.99 per month.


Is SimpliSafe doorbell camera safe?

Yes, it’s safe to buy this camera.
It protects your home, family, and assets. Also makes you risk-free.

How many cameras can have for simplisafe?

You can have up to 10 cameras for simplisafe. But to store the  10 cameras of video footage, you need to take the subscription plan. Which is around  $9.99 per month. The more cameras you had, the more internet will be strained

Can we use the SimpliSafe camera without a subscription?

Yes, you use the camera without a subscription. If you can see the footage in the app for free, but you won’t get the alerts for the detection of motions.

Are simplisafe cameras always recording?

No, it won’t record always. The camera records only when the motion of humans and the motion of things.

Can’t we get the video without having the doorbell?

This simplisafe camera needs to be plugged into the existing doorbell. There is a way to get the video without having a doorbell, but for these, you need to get the power supply to run by making a hole through the door frame

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