Samsung Galaxy S22 Lineup faces shipping delays

Samsung Galaxy S22 Lineup faces shipping delays: Detailed reports.

Samsung Galaxy S22- Samsung warns its patrons against the delayed launches of its new flagship model, which got scheduled to launch on the 25th of February. Demands for the new device are causing delays for major US carriers and Samsung.

The brand has confirmed that the delays will vary in terms of storage capacity, color, and model. T-Mobile’s 512GB white model, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been driven from its launch date to 15th May.

Samsung Galaxy S22
Samsung Galaxy S22

It got declared by the T-mobile’s reports.

Samsung is thankful for the response that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series got from buyers. Users take an all-time interest in our Galaxy S22 series, the pre-order volume exceeding the brand’s expectations.

But, customers expect delays based on the color, model, and storage of the Samsung Galaxy S22. Samsung commits itself to making the product available to users sooner than ever.

Samsung’s officials claim that they appreciate the understanding and patience of consumers.

We cross-checked the sites of three US carriers and Samsung to compile a chart of the postponed models. Best Buy and Amazon e-commerce sites are taking pre-orders for the gizmo.

But, it does not promise specific shipping dates to the buyers now. For people who place a re-order of the Samsung Galaxy S22 models of 256 GB and 512 GB, the products are available at the same price of 128 GB and 256 GB.

It likewise means that you can’t order 128 GB. And, if you do, you get a 256 GB Samsung Galaxy S22 handset instead. In addition, Cream, Sky Blue, Red, and Violet colors get unlocked from the site of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S22 OR S22+
Samsung Galaxy S22 OR S22+

At the moment, you can unlock 1TB Galaxy S22 Ultra from the site of the brand.

If you can wait and want a carrier unit, you may expect a stroke of better luck on the 25th of Feb.

We would suggest you not buy a foreign model.

Non-US units may lack 5G, frequency bands.

It might not stand the list for use by US-based carriers. For more gizmo-related info, keep following our news.


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