Samsung Display

At an upcoming event, Samsung will showcase a new display panel that has both folding and sliding capabilities

Samsung Display’s Flex Hybrid is a new display panel that combines the company’s foldable and slidable technologies and is intended for use in future laptops.

Samsung Display has announced that it will be unveiling a variety of new display technologies at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The Flex Hybrid display panel is foldable on one side and can be extended on the other, allowing it to become larger. It has a 4:3 ratio when it is 10.5 inches and can be extended to a 16:10 ratio when it is 12.4 inches. The Flex Hybrid is intended for use in future laptops.

Samsung Display will also be showcasing its 17-inch slidable display panel for the first time, which was announced in September of last year. This panel can be extended from one side (Flex Slidable Solo) or from both sides (Flex Slidable Duet) and is 14 inches when not extended and 17 inches when fully extended.

In addition, Samsung Display will be introducing its QD-OLED display panels, which are large OLED panels aimed at TVs and monitors. These panels use a blue emission layer that passes through a quantum dot conversion layer to express red and green colors, and will be available in 77-, 65-, 55-, and 34-inch sizes, as well as a 49-inch model for ultra-wide monitors.

Samsung Display will also be debuting a new digital cockpit concept that combines a 34-inch display with a 15.6-inch display, and will showcase its efforts to reuse glass and reduce greenhouse gas emissions during production.

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