Raycon Wireless Earbuds REVIEW | The Everyday Raycon E25

Raycon Wireless Earbuds REVIEW | The Everyday Raycon E25

The Everyday Raycon  Wireless Earbuds with Microphone:


You’ve probably heard of the Raycon Wireless Earbuds E25 true wireless earphones if you’ve listened to a podcast or watched a YouTube video in the last year.

Raycon Wireless Earbuds is a new audio company founded by Ray-J, and it’s following in the footsteps of Beats in terms of marketing. Raycon products, particularly the Raycon E25 true wireless earbuds, are endorsed by a slew of celebrities and influencers.

Let’s see if there’s any truth to the rumors

Raycon Wireless Earbuds Review (USA )

Raycon Wireless Earbuds Review (USA )
Raycon Wireless Earbuds Review (USA )
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Who are the Raycon E25 Earbuds are designed for?

  • The IPX4 sweat-resistance, good connection, and secure fit will appeal to those looking for exercise earbuds.
  • This unclear, bass-dominated sound signature may appeal to anyone who enjoys incredibly overblown bass. With these earbuds, music sounds terrible, but hey, it might appeal to someone.

How are the Raycon E25 true wireless earbuds to use?

The Raycon Wireless Earbuds E25 true wireless earbuds are simple to use; everything about them works as it should. The charging case is one of the tiniest I’ve ever seen, even smaller than the AirPods themselves.

The soft plastic finish is pleasant to the touch, but it is also extremely slick. Thankfully, the earbuds are held in place by magnets inside the case. It’s not difficult to open the lid, but you’ll need two hands to do so.

When the case is opened, the earphones turn on immediately and connect to the last paired device instantly.

The earbuds are really small and will nicely fit in your ears. The default ear tips can be a little loose for you, but the larger ones offered (Raycon supplies four extra pairs of tips) create a comfortable fit.

Both earbuds are constructed of shiny plastic that appears to be of good quality. There are no touch controls on these earbuds; instead, each earbud features a playback control button.

Are the Raycon E25 waterproof?

The Raycon Wireless Earbuds E25 is water and sweat-resistant, but not waterproof, thanks to its IPX4 certification. The only thing you need to know is that these earphones are good for a fast run or workout, but they are not suitable for swimming.

Connection strength: Raycon Wireless Earbuds

With only a few self-resolving skips and glitches every now and then, the Raycon E25 rock Bluetooth 5.0 and keep a solid connection. The Raycon E25, like most other true wireless headphones, only supports SBC and AAC when it comes to Bluetooth codecs.

SBC is the default codec for all Bluetooth audio devices, but AAC compresses data in a different way. SBC and AAC are compatible on both iOS and Android devices, although our testing revealed that AAC does not always play as smoothly on Android.

How to connect to the Raycon E25?

All you have to do to connect to the Raycon Wireless Earbuds E25 earbuds is open the case. When you open the lid, the earbuds turn on and start pairing mode automatically.

The little LED light on each earbud, which quickly changes between blue and red during in pairing mode, will notify you.

Battery life: Raycon Wireless Earbuds | The Everyday Raycon E25

Raycon says that the Raycon E25 true wireless earbuds will last six hours of continuous playback, however, we only got 5 hours and 44 minutes in our tests.

Every pair of headphones goes through the same objective test, which is to play music at a steady volume of 75 decibels until the headphones die.

While six hours (or slightly less) isn’t the greatest we’ve seen, it’s more than enough to get folks through a typical workout, if not a typical workday.

Unfortunately, there are two significant drawbacks. First, this only charges via micro USB, which is unsatisfactory given the product’s price and newness.

Second, the Raycon E25 true wireless earbuds are devoid of any type of quick charging capability. It takes an hour to fully charge the earphones in the case, and it normally takes 2-3 hours to fully charge the case.

How to know when they are charged: Raycon Wireless Earbuds E25

On the inside of the charging case, there is a small LED ring that indicates when the case is fully charged.

When charging the case, the lights will flicker red, then change to a solid red after it is fully charged. The earphones, on the other hand, are a little different because they have their own LEDs.

The earphones will remain solid red while charging and will change to blue once they are fully charged.

Wireless charging: The Everyday Raycon E25

Wireless charging is not supported by the Raycon E25 case. A micro USB charging cord is your only option for charging the case.

Noise cancellation: The Everyday Raycon E25

They do not have any active noise cancellation technology. The Raycon E25 earphones come with a built-in microphone for phone calls but no noise cancellation.

It would be incredibly difficult to fit all of the essential electronics into such a little pair of earbuds. Not to mention that getting noise cancellation right is a difficult task, and there are lots of firms with far more experience and money than Raycon that have yet to do it right.

The Everyday Raycon E25 Mic:

The earphones have a built-in microphone. While you won’t receive a fully neutral replication of your voice (as depicted by the dotted red line in the graph), it will suffice. Most individuals won’t have to bother about making phone calls with these.

It puts a special emphasis on notes in the 300-1000Hz range to make you sound louder to the person on the other end, and it also does a decent job of recreating sounds in the 100-300HZ band, capturing some of your lower notes.

A dramatic decline in reaction occurs below 100Hz, which is thought to counterbalance the proximity effect.

Performance: Raycon Wireless Earbuds

Big things do sometimes come in small packages! The E25 wireless earphones immerse you in rich, high-fidelity sound with a powerful and deep bass that lets you feel all of the song for a real listening experience!

Note: Choose from one of the E25’s five various-sized soft silicone gel tips for the best listening experience.


  • Small case and buds
  • Lightweight
  • With the correct ear tips, it’s a good fit.
  • IPX4 is a water-resistance rating.
  • Connection strength that is reliable


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Is Bluetooth multipoint supported by the Raycon E25?

The Raycon E25, unfortunately, does not support Bluetooth multipoint. To put it another way, you can only connect the earphones to one device at a time and must switch between them manually.

I’ve heard that the battery life is 3 hours for each earbud, for a total of 6 hours. Is this the case? or is it 6 hours for each bud separately?

It lasts about 6 hours per earbud.

How long does it take for the earbud case to fully charge?

Approximately one hour.

Buying guide:

1- Durability and sturdiness:

Durability is unquestionably a crucial factor. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on a pair of headphones only to have them break after a few uses.

Of course, there will be times when you misplace your Raycon earbuds. Raycon headphones, fortunately for you, can endure the brunt of a fall, but only a few times.

Remember to use caution when using these headphones!

What if, in the extremely improbable event that your Raycon earbuds are damaged?

Well, the majority of the best headphones come with a guarantee, so make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

2- Sound quality:

Isn’t it true that good sound quality is necessary when it comes to headphones? After all, better sound quality means better music, and we appreciate a nice listening experience!

The sound quality of the Raycon E25 Wireless earbuds is adequate.

3- Comfort:

At all costs, comfort must be prioritized. You’d probably agree that buying a pair of headphones is pointless if you can’t wear them without experiencing agony.

Look for headphones that can be used for an extended period of time without giving you a headache.

The Raycon E25 Wireless earbuds don’t reach too far in your ear canals, according to experts, so you can expect a comfortable experience.

Expert Opinion:

In 2021, if you’re looking for a good earbud that offers excellent sound quality in a decent price range then you can go for this racon E25 Wireless earbuds. These earbuds are small and lightweight and connection strength is also quite good. So, undoubtedly you can go for these earbuds.

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