Samsung Smart Tv USA | Samsung 55 Inch Smart Tv Q60T Series Review

Samsung Smart Tv USA | Samsung 55 Inch Smart Tv Q60T Series Review


  • Sharp 4K images
  • Sleek design and picture quality
  • Tizen
  • No wide colour gamut
  • Limited viewing angles
  • No HDMI 2.1


Samsung TU8000(Samsung Smart Tv USA) is an entry-level budget T.V  from Samsung in 2020. It offers loads of features and a decent picture for an affordable price. It offers a high contrast ratio, steller HDR  reproduction, top tire upscaling  4K, auto game mode etc. As a budget-friendly television, Samsung has packed TU8000 with a lot of goodness. Let’s review the specification of the Samsung TU8000(Samsung 55 Inch Smart Tv Q60T Series Review ).


Design and build quality: Samsung Smart Tv

Samsung TU8000 has an excellent design. It is similar to Samsung entry-level T.V in the QLED lineup. Its border is a slightly darker shade of grey. Feet are inserted into T.V  itself, don’t need to screw them on. It has a similar stand to other Samsung T.V. Feet are inserted into  T.V are not reversible.

T.V stands support T.V well, but there is some wobble. The footprint is (40.2”x9.9”). The back of T.V is made of plastic with a textured finish. There are clips on the feet forcible management. TU8000 is powerd by tizen smart t.v system. Set up is easy and pleasant made extremely fast by connection with Samsung smart things app. It gives you access to a full keyboard.


Display and picture quality:  Samsung 55 Inch Smart Tv Q60T Series

One of the highlighted changes in the crystal series is the use of different processor compared to 4K LED. Samsung used a crystal processor 4K. But it lacks  AI capabilities in both image and audio departments. It gets the support of all three HDR, HDR 10+, HLG. Its picture quality index is 2100  and comes with a mega contrast enhancer and V.A panel.

For this, the contrast ratio is admirable. The deep black colour of this T.V has good uniformity over the entire screen. But the same can’t be said about the grey uniformity of this t.v screen, as here and there black patches are seen on the edges and centre of the screen. The peak brightness of the screen falls near 300 nits, which is decent for the value.

But is fails to display local dimming. Through it has frane dimming, it hardly seems to effective and instead trends to darken scene even more, during dark scenes, hiding details in them. A good contrast ratio makes it perfect for viewing in a dimly lit room. where the light falls directly on it, it struggles to display a good performance.


Audio quality: Samsung 4K Smart Tv

Samsung Smart T.V has a 2CH speaker with 20W output. It also supports uncompressed DOLBY audio. But for that, you need a 5.1/7.1 channel Dolby audio compatible soundbar or a home theatre system that takes an HMDI ARC connection. Internal speaker of t.v is more than enough to rock an average size living room.

For adding immersiveness, you can select an adaptive audio preset which optimize sound quality on a scene by scene basis. In Amplify mode, you can drown out ambient noise. Additionally, there is also an option to mers around the equalizer settings for fine-tune audio. But this is available under standard sound profile.

In terms of bars to begin with, but hints of mild thump every now and then was a surprise. Vocals and mids sound clear and crisp too. If you are mostly viewing  T.V shows, movies and other contents, the “ Dialog enhancement” feature make sure that the vocals sound a lot clearer as well. Cracking up the loudness to maximum does not disturb audio by much, which is fantastic.


Samsung Smart Tv Gaming performance:

Samsung 55 Inch Smart Tv Q60T Series is a good option for gamers, as it has a low input lag and is graced with a game motion plus setting feature, which can control motion blur to some extend while playing various games.

IT automatically optimes settings like lag, motion blur and judder wherever  T.V detects a variable input source. Lack of brightness and missing wide colour gamut makes perfect HDR gaming performance of this T.V lacklustre. This T.V is pretty good to use as a monitor.

It has a feature, which allows access to office P.C on this T.V by login into your account. It facilitates office work, this t.v comes with M.S word and excel. With the help of this T.V, you can complete unfinished official work from home.



You can get the T.V set up using a remote if you prefer. Samsung prompts you to download Samsung smart things app to do it digitally instead. It works well, automatically adding wi-fi details it digs out from your device so you don’t mess around with a screen keyboard, which is always welcome.

Samsung Smart Tv does not run on the android platform, rather it operates on Samsung’s own Tizen os which is well designed and optimized. Samsung 55 Inch Smart Tv is powered by a new crystal processor 4K that further enhance  UI/UX. Plus, it has a floating window, getting through the system menus and the setting is void if any hassle as well.

The home button on the remote opens up different items like installed and cant be uninstalled. You can download other necessary apps from the app store, but unfortunately, app selection is not quite as extensive as ones on android t.v. A most fundamental app like amazon prime video, Disney +, youtube kids are available here, so it is not much of an issue for everyone.

You will get a preview of any and all display setting you changed on TU8000. In terms of digital assistant, there are 3 options. Samsung’s own Bixby handles most operations ranging from volume confront to browsing web, it includes support for google assistance and alexia.


Remote: Samsung 55 Inch Smart Tv Q60T Series

The remote is graced with an ambient mode button, using this, can convert T.V into a photo frame and display your favourite memories on it. It also displays time, date and weather information.

The background of the picture can be adjusted according to color of the walls in the room to make pictures more pleasing. The maximum power consumption of this T.V is 140 watts, however, through ECO mode, power consumption can be taken off.


Warranty: Samsung Smart Tv USA

Samsung offers one-year parts and labour warranty for home use and a 90-day parts and labour warranty for commercial use.



This tv,s strong point is a good overall design for such low tire models nice 4K images with exceptional clarity and sharpness. It offers good SDR performance, good upscaling capabilities, crazy low input lag ideal for hardcore gamers and an exceptional smart T.V platform with all its bells and whistles like smart functionally and streaming services.

Samsung 55 Inch Smart Tv Q60T Series comes with a nice remote, which is a plus point. But on the downside, it has a less capable crystal processor 4K loses all its AI capabilities both in the image and sound departments. Viewing angles suffers a lot like the model does not very good, no wide colour gamut with colours. Audio fails to offer any kind of real immersion and you need a dedicated audio system for that.

It offers a very basic 4K experience. It is a casual 4K smart T.V intended for casual viewers. If you don’t have very high expectations from it, it can surely offer plenty of enjoyment.

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