Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review | Review, BEST Price, | best Wireless Earbuds USA

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review | Review, BEST Price, | best Wireless Earbuds USA

  • Comfortable, sequre fittings
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to pair and use
  • IPX7 water aand sweat resistance
  • Improved mic performance


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are the best wireless earbuds that the company has made ye. With a comfortable fit, active noise cancellation and very good sound quality, it is more affordable and takes a different approach to the feature set. Lets reviewing them today.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Product description:

Design and build quality: Samsung galaxy buds LIVE are smaller and lighter than many of the recent pairs of wireless headphones we have use. These earbuds have plastic casings with stem extending into the wearers ear.

There are microphones on each ear buds to use on voice calls and to enable ambient sound mode. Inside of each earbuds has two charging points and proximity sensor to delect the time they have to remove or put into ears. Removing from ear also pause music. It has no power switch. So when you need to switch off them, simply put the earbuds back into the charging case. Touch controls are convenient.

One have to very much presice with taps, applying enough pressure on that flat part of the buds to resister action. In case of did not apply enough pressure, you have to try for a several times.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Software: best Wireless Earbuds

These buds are used with the Galaxy wearable app. This app is available on android. This app shows the battery level for the earbuds. It has an equalizer option that let you choose between boost, sofr, dynamic, clear boost presents.

You can configure notification on your phone to read out on the galaxy earbuds. You can also set up touch-sensitive gestures, make earbuds beep for update and their firmware in case of not found them.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Battery:

One of the best improvements that Samsung makes to the earbuds is its battery life. It’s a 58mAH earbud which lasts long approx.

6.54 hours of playback on a single charge. 252 mAH charging case provides an additional 7 hours of playback and 15 minutes in the case afford up to 17 hours of playback according to Samsung.

Once the earbuds and the charging case are both depleted, it is easy to to charging the device through USB-C cable which is included in the box.

best Wireless Earbuds Conclusion:

These wireless earbuds are an excellent choice for android users, specially for Samsung galaxy S10 owners. In the case with glases it is very much comfortable to wear for hours.

Samsung best Wireless Earbuds of 2021 likely to push its propriety scalable codec, which works very smooth with a galaxy S-10 device. Though some one not much interested at these earbuds with a non-samsung device, its still a very good deal with solid battery life.


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