RUKO F11 PRO DRONE WITH 4K CAMERA| Best Budget Drone With Camera | Best Buy Drones US 2021

RUKO F11 PRO DRONE WITH 4K CAMERA| Best Budget Drone With Camera | Best Buy Drones US 2021

    1. Easy operation
    2. 4K photo, 2.9K video
    3. 500M/1460 FT max HD video transmission
    4. Portable, flexible
    5. GPS function


Introduction: Best Drone With Camera | Best Budget Drone | Best Buy Drones US 2021

RUKO F11 PRO DRONE (4K CAMERA) is one of the smart camera drones on market. It has an impressive flight performance and flight features. This drone can shoot high resolution 4K photos and 2.9K video with ease. It has easy to use controls, plenty of flying aids, GPS hold, follow me mode etc. It is available with 2 batteries. F 11 is priced in the middle of the competitive drone spectrum. It suits both experienced and beginner drone users.

Design and build quality: RUKO F11 PRO DRONE WITH 4K CAMERA

Ruko F11 pro( DRONE WITH 4K CAMERA) has a foldable design which makes travelling really easy. It has a rectangular body that measures 17.5 by 15.9 by 3.2 inches at the time of unfolding. In folding conditions, it measures 7 by 4 by 3.2 inches. This drone is built from durable materials especially ABS plastic. Some part also made of aluminium.

It makes the RUKO f11 pro resistant to crashes and collisions. Ruko f11 pro does not conform to the current trend of curvy quadcopters look. It has its sleek lies that emphasize its profile, looking like a professional tool altogether. Its grey colour scheme also gives it a neutral vine that is neat and classy.

Performance: RUKO F11 PRO DRONE | Best Budget Drone WITH 4K CAMERA

The Ruko F11 Pro( 4K CAMERA) has a full HD camera that can record video in 2.9K resolution with good clarity and details. It comes with a powerful brushless motor that enables this drone to reach a high speed of up to 43km/hour.

Apart from this mode, it also got other flight modes including auto return. This drone can hover with GPS positioning with a maximum range of 1200 meter and a video transmission range of 500 meters. Headless mode allows flying the drone in the direction the aircraft is facing. It means forward is stick forward and backward is stuck backwards.

It also has altitude hold mode where the drone will maintain its position in the air. In that mode, the aircraft location and height can be accurately locked midair to capture stable video or photos. It also has followed modes where the drone will follow aby person wherever he/she goes.

In its orbit mode, it will do great cinematic turns while focusing wherever you are filming, it can go as far as 100 meters. It’s a great feature to awesome cinematic footage. It is a very sturdy quadcopter that does not have any issue handling light to the moderate wind as well.


It is equipped with a 4K UHD camera. Resolution quality is great. One can easily capture decent stills and videos with this camera drome. The camera angle can be adjusted by 900 up or down with a remote controller. Even in its mid-flight, you can easily do this. Videos are well contrasted because the colour is captured in vivid detail. You can capture a wide range with the camera with a 1200 field of view.

It has a 5GHz FPV capacity. For this, one needs to download the Ruko app on phone. The range of FPV lie transmission is 500 meters. But one of the main drawbacks of this drone is the lack of an images stabilizer. This is important to build competence that is used to keep the camera levelled throughout flight sessions. For storage, it has a 64 GB sd card, 128 GB SD card option.

RUKO F11 PRO DRONE Battery: Best Buy Drones US 2021

Ruko F11 pro comes with 2 rechargeable 2500 mAH battery. You can change it with a USB battery charger provided in the box. With 4K recording, it lasts about 30 minutes. The battery is located at the bottom side of this drone, a cover gives access to batteries. It is easy to change the batteries whenever needed.


Ruko F11 pro is a modern and advanced drone with an affordable price. It demonstrated superior performance and precise flight controls that make it one of the popular choices for beginners and more experienced flyers.



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