Parrot Anafi drone Best Drone With Camera | Best Budget Drone | Best Buy Drones US 2021

Parrot Anafi drone Best Drone With Camera | Best Budget Drone | Best Buy Drones US 2021

  • Bullet points:

    1. Quick TTL view
    2. EV adjustment is handy
    3. 4K UHD video at 30 FPS
    4. Slim, durable


Introduction: Parrots Anafi drone Best Drone With Camera | Best Budget Drone | Best Buy Drones US 2021

Parrot Anafi drone ( Best Drone With Camera | Best Budget Drone | Best Buy Drones US 2021) is a compact, lightweight, foldable drone that contains a substantial set of features. Some of the features are unique including a camera that can tilt 1800 vertically. It allows the drone to shoot straight up as well as straight down. It has the option to record Hyperlapse video and play it back at 240X speed. Somehow Anafi manages to keep the rotors out of the slot, a feat most DJI drones fail to do while simply flying forward the camera pointed straight ahead.

Design and build quality: Parrot Anafi drone

Anafi is very small in size when stored, this drone fits into a case that is just (10.8×3.5×30 inches, just about the size of a water bottle. The controller does not fit into that case when it is folding down, it is just (6×3.7×3) inches included in the hard case for the drone. The combination of these two weighings just 2 pounds which is significantly lighter and smaller than many other drones.

It is made of good quality plastic and it is in one colour. The arms are more thin and flexible in comparison to DIJ, S drone. It is able to bounce back from crashes. Inside the carrying case is a 16 GB micro SD card for storage. Parrot made sure to include 8 additional propellers and a mounting tool, for any kind of change then out.

Parrot Anafi drone Performance: Best Buy Drones US 2021

In manual flight mode, Anafi is a fast, manoeuvrable drone that can move speedily and manoeuvre quickly. Parrots claim a top speed of just under 35 mph and that seems to be about right. That is a bit slower than Mavic air, which can manage up to 40mph. It includes a number of useful modes- Cameraman, smart drones, touch and fly, follow me and flight plan.

In cameraman mode, need to select a target and the drone keeps the camera pointing towards the target, rotating drones and tilting the camera to follow the selected object. You can move this drone with the controller, but it will keep the camera fixed on the target.

Parrot Anafi drone Camera:

Anafi,s camera uses a 21MP ½.4 inch CMOS sensor from Sony. It has a 23 mm equivalent F2.4 lens and can capture DNG raw files in addition to jpeg images. THE Built-in HDR option minimizes harsh bright and dark areas while adding rich contrast to imagery. What is notable about Anafi is that is the first drone to feature a 1800 tilt gimbal.

This offers pilots the opportunity to capture imagery from unprecedented vertical angles 900 upward and downward. 3- axis image stabilisation allows pilots to shoot stable photos and video, and when shooting in 1080 camera can effectively create a loss lens 2.8xzoom. Video can be captured up to DCI 4K/24P, UHD/30 or 1080/60P at as 100Mbps bit rate.

It includes HDR video supports. With the ability to Dolly zoom on a point of interest, keeping it the same size in the frame, the camera dollies towards or away from the subject to create a vertigo effect. Hyperlapse video can be recorded and played back at 15X, 30X, 60X, 120X or 240X speed while slow-motion shorts can be captured at 720p/124p.

Parrot Anafi drone Software: Best Drone With Camera

Anafi is controlled by the parrot sky controller3 and its free-flight 6 apps. This app is available on both ios and android store. Each of the 4 drone legs contains a dual-brand antenna (2.4 GHz and 5GHz), enabling HD video streaming up to 2.5 miles. Smart drones allow taking selfies by Dolly Zoom, boomerang. Orbit or parabola mode.

Follow me offers 3 different tracking features. Both follow users from behind. Lock tracks a subject at a form consistent distance and dynamic will track a subject at a designated distance and angle. Cineshorts offers up automated effects such as a discover reveal, epic 3600 and spiral.

Parrot Anafi drone Battery: Best Budget Drone

Parrot Anafi is equipped with a 7.6 volt, 2700mAH LI-POLYMER battery. This battery provides approx. 25 minutes of flight time on a full charge, which is pretty food for a drone of this size. But flying around and making full use of drones motors and processors drains the battery a bit faster, even during more rigorous flight tests.

When it comes to time to charge the battery, it takes 1.5-2 hours to get from 0-100%. But charging time is very much dependent on charging set up. Ana fi juices up via a USB-C charging port, which means anytime anywhere we can charge the battery.


If your main interest in drones comes to form a desire to find the best flying camera at an affordable price, Parrot Anfi definitely the best option for you. Quality of image, ease of use and HDR features simply make this drone unique.

While it has some similarities with DJI’S air, Anfi is a lot cheaper, its camera is better and carrying case that comes standard with every package is a really necessary item. At last, we can say that the Parrot Anft is an exciting drone that finally presents a real challenge to DIJ’S Mavic line. At a lower price, it offers premium performance. That is why we include the parrot Anfi drone in the list of the best 5 drones of 2021.



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