LG Tone Free – FN7 Review | Review, BEST Price, | best Wireless Earbuds USA

LG Tone Free – FN7 Review | Review, BEST Price, | best Wireless Earbuds USA

  • Active Noise Cancellation reduces background and ambient sounds
  • Immerse yourself in rich, clear audio.
  • The newly designed hardware creates a fuller and richer bass that’s more powerful than ever.
  • Crisp, Clear Calls
  • Comfort While Maximizing ANC
  • Wireless Charging: Streamline your power pit-stops to save time and stay productive.


When LG Tone Free – FN7 comes to truly wireless earphones in the USA, there is no shortage of option. From the premium segment to the moderate, there are plenty of options available. Big brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony are increasing competition in the segment.

But the latest pair of truly wireless earbuds from LG pulls some rather unique tricks out of the hat in this regard to set itself apart. LG FN7comes with little bass, sibilant heighs, passable ANC, junky Bluetooth, touch input. Let’s know something about the best Wireless Earbuds of 2021

LG Tone Free – FN7 Product description:

The LG FN7 has one of the most compact and sleek design. It has a small design with a matte black colour. It feels light in hand and easy to pop open, revealing earbuds that have matching colour and glossy finish. The buds themselves held together in place magnetically and there is a UV light briefly visible shinning just below them. The buds are not interchangeable but plucking them out and fitting them back is very easy. It has a single button on the side to indicate battery level via a strip of LED lighting. This earbuds has IPX4 certification that protect against sweat and light rain. UV LED light build into charging case reduce. Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli on tip of the earbud closest to the ear canal. In fact the UV cleansing happens only while charging a bummer since battery capacity is great.

LG Tone Battery:

The LG TONE FN7 offers a reasonably good battery experience. It has 390 mAH cell inside the case which each earbuds 55 mAH batteries. It provides a 4-hour battery with ANC enable on the earbuds. The case prodives extra 10 hours on the top. It takes about 150 minutes from 0-100% battery. The case also supports QI-wireless charging and wired charging through type c port.

LG Tone Free – FN7 Software:

LG claims that when ANC is activated , environmental noises are almost completely neutralized. Then every note and voice call sound clearer and it resulting more natural sound. Digital signal process that HBSFN7 uses is based on a perfect technology that is 25 years old. Its aim to recreate a realistic sound stage in a manner of actural loudspeaker performance that immerses the listener.

There are EQ setting available thourgh LG tone free app which is compatible with both android and ios that allows a personalized smooth experience. Four presets are natural,immersive, bass-boost, treble boost.


The LG FN 7 can have the most sought after technologies. UV-nano tech based charging case was rated to the effective against COVID-19. It has a comfortable fit, great design, excellent app support. But the price is on the higher side. Also the touch controls were a little tricky. But the hygiene of our earbuds, its probably one of the reason why this is one of the best earbuds of thiS TIME.


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