GPS DRONE Holy Stone HS720 FOLDABLE | Best Drone With Camera | Best Buy Drones US 2021

GPS DRONE Holy Stone HS720 FOLDABLE | Best Drone With Camera | Best Buy Drones US 2021

  • Bullet Points:
    1. 4K FHD 5G camera No separate propeller for trimming enable
    2. Lithium polymer battery Lack of image stabilization
    3. The remote control range is 1600 meter Long charging time
    4. Wi-Fi range is 800 meter
    5. 26 minute flight time
    6. Carry case


Introduction: Best Drone With Camera | Holy Stone HS720 FOLDABLE GPS DRONE

Drones are no longer simple toys that fly while taking snaps. They now consider vital photography and videography equipment that professionals use on a daily basis. When it comes to the production of consumer drones, Holy Stone (GPS DRONE Holy Stone HS720 FOLDABLE) is one of the industry leaders with a reputation for producing high-performance drones.

Holy Stone HS720 drone(FOLDABLE GPS DRONE) equipped with a high-quality HD camera with advance features like GPS, intelligent flight modes and a good flight time. It is an exceptionally good drone that looks stunning. Before you take off with this drone, it’s important to know what you are getting into.

GPS DRONE Holy Stone HS720 Design and build quality:

Holy Stone HS720 drone appears to feature some resembles the popular DJ MAVIC 2 series. It is built from ABS plastic which is highly durable. That means it can resist and the occasional crashes without damaging it too much. It is metallic grey in colour and looks really futuristic. It looks and feels like a premium drone. This drone has a power button located at the front.

At the time of activation of this drone, it will lit up and shows the status of the battery and tracking how much flight time is left for the drone. It is a small lightweight drone that measures (36x33x7) cm when the arms are expanded and weighing less than 500 gm. In its folded form it measures (17×10.5×6)cm which makes it small enough to fit in a large trouser pocket.

This package comes with a cool carrying case which is better to travel with this drone. It has 4 powerful brushless motors which are more efficient than brushed motors. This motor provides the drone with extra speed. It a pretty much fast drone even in its lowest speed mode. There are some nice LED lights underneath each motor arm.

But they are not bright and only to indicate when the drone compass is fully calibrated. They are not bright enough to fly at night. There is 2 bright light on the belly of the drone which can be activated via remote control and these are bright enough to fly the drone at night.

Performance: Holy Stone HS720 FOLDABLE GPS DRONE

When you are going to fly a drone, it is important to know how well they perform. Holystone is the best GPS drone along with its best flying performance due to GPS capabilities. One of the major factors is stability and precise flight control. This GPS based drone can maintain its position steadily without the need of a remote pilot. It has intelligent flight modes like custom flight path, follow mode, orbit mode, one key return home etc.

In custom flight path it draws a route on the app and the drone will follow this path and returned to the home where it started from. In orbit mode, you can lock the drone on a point of interest and it will orbit the position from the height and distance you set on the app. With one key return home feature, you can bring back the drone to where it flew from at the click of a button.

This is very useful especially when you losing control of the drone. Also, this feature activated automatically when the battery charge is low or lost connection with the drone. This feature minimizes the risk of losing the drone.

Holy Stone HS720 Camera: Best Budget Drone

Holystone HS720 features a build-in 2K camera mounted on a gimbal stabilizer. It reduces vibration to deliver smoother footage. It automatically levels footage so that it will appear even level while flying the drone. You can adjust the camera by remote in flying conditions. This camera will help to shoot decent pictures and high-resolution recordings at 2048 by 1152 pixel.

The lens of the camera is capable of tilting 900, enabling you to admire the world from an assortment of angels. It is a feature with the shock absorption holder that the drone’s camera is contrasted with for making the camera stay even in vibrations.

This leads to clear and still picture and recordings at high resolution for professional use. 5G connectivity makes for quick and fluent FPV ( FIRST PERSON VIEW) transmission that will allow to expensive general surroundings progressively. In addition to this a UAV app guarantees to control automation from any place as share recordings to one simple click on the app.

Holy Stone HS720 FOLDABLE Remote control: GPS DRONE

This controller uses a 2.4 GHz transmitter with a 3000 ft radius. It is one of the most advanced and nice-looking remote controllers and It features two-arm grips that provide great handling of the remote controller. Holy Stone HS720 FOLDABLE GPS DRONE has clutter-free buttons for simple uses for beginners who are new to drones learn how to fly one with the relative case and has a built-in LCD screen. helps to keep you in the loop or drones battery status, attitude level, speed more.

It is a smart remote control that does everything to ensure you have the best flight experience. Two joysticks control the movement of the drone itself like height, speed, direction. The other drone controllers feed video to a smartphone on the cradle to show the first-person video being capture by the unit. Holystone app must be installed to enable this performance.

Battery: Holy Stone HS720

Holy Stone HS720 FOLDABLE GPS DRONE is powered by a 2800 mAH lithium polymer battery. It is rechargeable. At the time of charging, an indicator light will flash green and the power indicator light will be red. It takes 5-6 hours to full charge from 0-100%. When it is fully charged green and red light will stop flashing and be solid.


The Holly stoen HS720 is a very good option for videographers who want to start using drones without spending very much. It has decent performance, flight times and features. With its 2K camera, will be able to take exceptional aerial videos and images. Overall, this drone is worthing its price with its solid performance.



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