Bose QuietComfort Review | Review, BEST Price, | best Wireless Earbuds USA

Bose QuietComfort Review | Review, BEST Price, | best Wireless Earbuds USA

  • Comfortable fitting and secure to use
  • Noise-cancelling with transparency mode
  • Top-notch sound quality
  • IPX4 splash resistant
  • 6 hours battery life for earbuds and 18 hours including
  • charging case, wireless charging and USB-type -c


Nowadays, everyone searched for the perfect noise cancelling earphone. Therefore, bose QuietComfort earbuds are fantastic with brilliant noise cancellation technique. Not only the design a lot better but also the noise cancellation is exemplary.

Sound quality is very good. Premium build quality and feature setr places them squarely against some top competitors of wireless earbuds. Being on the stage with such competition BOSE is among the best. Let’s review their build quality, features and other things that make it a premium product.( Best Wireless Earbuds of 2021)

Design and build quality best Wireless Earbuds of 2021

The quite comfort earbuds from BOSE has a typical design. They are oval-shaped and made of plastic. It comes with three eartips size, small, medium and large tips. The edges of tips are so generous in size. Don’t need to drive them in like tent pegs to feel the isolation which is great for comfort.

The smooth outside surface feels tactile while the glossy plastic used for the driver enclosure is robust. Winged eartips boast a smooth matte finish with good quality. The design of the eartips are very good. Every eartips has a conical shape that leaves outward. This means you don’t need to shove the buds deep into ear to achieve a good fit and passive noise cancellation. The outer panel of each buds are sensitive.

It offers limited control over music and calls. To enable touch control for volume, need to connect the buds to phone and tap on the settings icon. The toggle on the button for volume listed under control.

Bose QuietComfort Sound quality:

This earbud sounds decent. But the frequency responses is likely to please audiophiles. Amplifier and sound are two times louder than low midrange notes. Active noise cancellation is of the best quality. You can use noise-cancelling mode even there is no audio playing. It gives you some peace and quiet. In the opposite end, dropping down to zero puts earbuds into fell transparency/ambient mode.

The transparency modes sound incredibly natural who want a better sense of the surrounding in outside. When you take out either earbuds other one in ear goes into full transparency. Double tap on left earbud switch between three levels of noise cancellation. Defaults are 0,5,10 and there is not any needs to switch those up when they are connected in Bose music app.

Long press on the left bud also prefer you battey status or skip to next song. Swipe up or down on the right earbud cab increase or low volume. Double tap on the right earbuds helps to play or pause audio/answer a phone call.

Touch and hold the right earbud is to activate siri or google assistance/ decline a phone call. Double-tap on the left airbud provides a switching between noise cancellation prevents.

Bose QuietComfort Battery:

Batterty life of the QC earbuds is 6 hours for the buds percentage. Up to 12 hours more playback time with charging case get additional full charges by storing earbuds in wireless charging case,15 minutes=2 hours.

Bose QuietComfort Bluetooth:

Optimised for Bluetooth 5.1 this earbuds are designed to quickly pair to the device and stay that way. It provides a strong and consistently reliable connection with in 30 ft of paired device.


Bose quite comfort earbuds is among the top options of earbuds available in the market. But its price is too high. So, if it fits to your budjet then it is right to get. But it is large in size and their case is an absolute unit which lack multipoint. But there is a plenty of good feature too. So I think , this earbuds are a good deal at the price.


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