55 Inch Smart Tv USA 2021| 4K SMART TV LG 50UN7300PUF

55 Inch Smart Tv USA 2021| 4K SMART TV LG 50UN7300PUF

  • 2. 1 channel with 400W total power
  • DTS virtual: x sound
  • High-resolution audio (24bit/96kHz)



Now we are going to present you to this is our third Smart Tv (55 Inch Smart Tv USA 2021| 4K SMART TV LG 50UN7300PUF) and its name is LG Alexa Built 55 inch 4K Smart UHD Tv. If we talk about its rating then it get’s 4.5% rating. If we talk about some more function in this, then you get real 4K display, Quad-Core Processor 4K, WebOS and Magic Remote, 2.1 Channel, DTS Virtual, High Resolution.

This function makes more smart this smart Tv a very good function. It has High-Resolution Audio and it get’s 2.1 Channels which makes you own 400 watts of total power. If you have a large space and wish to opt for a bigger TV, a 55-inch television would be the perfect choice for those late night matches and HD movies.

With the market flooded with the latest advancements in television technology, LG, one of the pioneers in the television sector, has come up with some of the best LG 55 inch TV models. The bigger screens come with a host of advanced features such as a smart operating system, Full HD LED, 4K Ultra HD LED display. We could go to the cinemas, but given the hectic work schedules many of us have these days, the comfort of our own living room is preferred to driving down to the multiplex.

This week, LG’s 55-inch Smart TV landed up with Smartbuy, and the need to clear space on the test benches just to accommodate this television was felt. So we plugged our DVD players, hard drives and gaming consoles into the TV and for a change, put our feet up to review a device. The first thing that we noticed was inevitably the vast expanse of black, which was the screen.

A thin 5mm bezel means that you see only the huge screen, and no frame around it. It was not very unexpected though, as the TV is supposed to give cinema-like experience to the user. Still, if you really want to enjoy your cinematic masterpiece on your 4K set, you’re better off ditching the streaming services and buying your media.

Specifically, you should consider purchasing content stored on Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs, which support 4K resolution, as well as features like High Dynamic Range (HDR), which offers more vibrant colors and darker blacks, or increased frame rates. By going physical, you’ll benefit from a higher bitrate, which means a higher quality picture compared to streaming of an identical film. If you’re a cinephile, go physical.

If you can’t tell the difference, or can’t be bothered cluttering your home with even more discs, then stream away. It looks great either way. One of the most impressive features on a 4K set is support for HDR, which increases the contrast and allows you to view an even wider color spectrum.

Whatever you’re watching must support HDR, so don’t expect every single show to get an upgrade. In general HDR, content looks more vibrant compared to non-HDR content, but it requires an HDR-capable TV, and HDR-supported content.

Back-lit sets put the LEDs behind the screen itself rather than along its edges. That allows for a more uniform picture compared to edge-lit sets. The lighting technology used in your 4K set will also affect another feature: local dimming.

Local dimming, like the name suggests, controls the LED brightness in sections on your screen, which results in an increase in contrast from the TV’s brightest white to its darkest black. More sections — or zones — means more precise control over scenes, and a better picture overall.

Edge-lit sets pack the LED lights (responsible for your TVs brightness) along the perimeter of the screen, illuminating the picture from the outside to the center. Edge-lit TVs are usually thinner than their back-lit counterparts, so if space or aesthetics are a concern, an edge-lit TV might be the more satisfying option.

But what you’ll gain in thinness you’ll sacrifice in image quality. Edge-lit TVs don’t do the best job at reproducing dark scenes, and chances are you’ll get more of a dark grey rather than the inky blacks you’re looking for.


If we talk about its size, then you get 4 size in it, but as you have been reading earlier, we are only telling you about 55 inch, but I tell you some other size. In this first size you can see our 43, 50, 55, 65 inch. If we talk about the best size in this, then 55 inch is a very best size in which you get to see very big screen.


If we talk about its mounting type, you can also run it by placing it on the table and if you want you can also run it by hanging it on the wall. If you talk about its operating system, then you get WebOS in it. This is a very bad one. You do not get in this, you got android in our secont android smart Tv.


In this, you get a 2.1 channel high-resolution soundbar with the help of this you can get very good sound. In this you feel that the front is exactly on your side just like you are in that sound. And you are working in that film itself. You will enjoy it too.

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