Best Studio Headphones For Gaming

Best Studio Headphones For Gaming  USA 2022

Best Studio Headphones For Gaming – In today’s realm, games are gaining popularity day by day and a true gamer knows how enjoyable is it to play them along with listening to the detailed sound of it. But, will a regular commercial headphone give you a detailed sound experience while playing the games? Nay! Then, what kind of headphones will suit your purpose best regarding it? Of course, Studio Headphones!

Seriously, Studio headphones will do this job flawlessly and will bestow you a delightful experience in gaming. But, since plenty of studio headphones are available on-demand in the market, it is very difficult to figure out, which are the best studio headphones for gaming.

But, no need to take the stress. We are there for you and will present the best before you. Also, we shall empower you with the buying guide at the verge of this write-up. It will make you an expert in purchasing studio headphones as a gamer. So, do pursue us. Here are some of the best studio headphones for gaming:

1. Astro Gaming A50 Generation 4 -Best Studio Headphones For Gaming

Astro Gaming A50 Generation 4 -Best Studio Headphones For Gaming
Astro Gaming A50 Generation 4 -Best Studio Headphones For Gaming

Product Specifications:

  • . Compatible With PS4, Mac, PS5, PC
  • . Wireless Connectivity
  • . Battery Charge Will Last For 15+ Hours
  • . Dimension Of The Product Is 7.28*3.48*7.17 Inches
  • . Weight Of The Product Is 1.49 Pounds

Searching for a gaming headset that is climate pledge friendly and ultra-durable? Then look no more. Just Go for Astro Gaming A50

Sound Quality:

With this Gaming Studio Headset Plus Base Station, you will experience a legendary performance & celebrated sound of Audio Astro V2. Also, the precise frequency spectrum of this device produces explicit in-game dialogue music for immersive audio. Besides, this device will provide you with an experience of supreme freedom with its feature of absolute audio immersion. Furthermore, the Dolby audio, built-in MIXAMP & USB sound card for voice balance & streaming are some of its supplementary attributes

Extra Impressive Features:

This device of Astro Gaming comes without wires. You will enjoy its wireless plus Base station ( for PlayStation) feature a lot. Moreover, the device conveys the ergonomics, durability, premium acoustics & comfort, that gamers demand. Want more? The optional Mod kit of the A50 model permits gamers to put in synthetic hide headbands & ear pads for refined noise isolation. So, today, it is one of the best studio headphones for gaming.

Battery Power:

Worrying if the battery power of this device will last long or not? Nothing to bother! The device will give you a battery strength of up to fifteen plus hours. So, the unstoppable power of this headphone’s rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will survive marathon gaming sessions and will never let an unexpected power loss close down your audio. So, experience the best gaming experience with this headphone, which falls among the best studio headphones for gaming 2021.


  • . Long-Lasting Comfort
  • . Ultra Durable
  • . 15+ Hours Battery
  • . EQ Modes
  • . Dolby Audio


  • Not Good For PS4

2. Logitech G Pro Lightspeed Gaming Headset ( Wireless, Blue Voice Mic Filter):

2. Logitech G Pro Lightspeed Gaming Headset ( Wireless, Blue Voice Mic Filter):
2. Logitech G Pro Lightspeed Gaming Headset ( Wireless, Blue Voice Mic Filter):

Product Specifications:

  • . Wireless Connectivity
  • . Battery Charge Will Last For 20+ Hours
  • . Dimension Of The Product Is 5.43*3.7*7.68 Inches
  • . Weight Of The Product ls 13.1 Ounces

Mainly designed with pros, Logitech G Pro Lightspeed Gaming Headset is a highly durable headset and will give you supreme comfort when you wear it.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of these Logitech headphones for gaming is just incredible. The device has real-time voice filters for broadcasting. And, did we informed you about the pro-grade audio precision of this device? The headphone of Logitech comprises Pro-G Drivers of 50 MM for immersive sound. Plus, the blue voice progressed Mic technology of this device will make the sound richer & obvious.

Also, being one of the best studio headphones for gaming, this gaming headset is a DTS headphone with X2.0 encircled sound. This device of Logitech is based on a PRO gaming headset, the PRO Wireless X headset, that has won many awards. So, it is made up of high-quality materials. Then, it has the features of precision audio, overall wireless freedom & advanced communications. So, after knowing all these specifications & features, would you like to ever skip this headset?

Extra Impressive Features:

This Logitech headset is light-speed & wireless. Besides, the device also comes with a steel headband & memory foam padding. Also, aluminum forks are presented in this device. The memory foam earpads give comfort to your ears while you listen to the gaming sounds. Furthermore, you can also attach the optional velour earpads to this device for more comfort.

The headphone is made of premium leatherette and thus, looks elegant. Again, this device is a climate pledge-friendly device, that protects the natural world. All these features make this device one of the best studio headphones for gaming.

Battery Power:

This device of Logitech has great battery power. After all, which headset will give you 20+ hours of battery time and that too up to 15M range other than this device?


  • . Supreme Comfort
  • . Durable
  • . 20+ hours battery backup (up to a range of 15 M)
  • . Real-Time Voice Filters For Broadcast
  • . Memory foam earpads


  • Not Good Positional Audio

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3. RazerBlackShark V2 Spatial Surround Sound Gaming Headset:

RazerBlackShark V2 Spatial Surround Sound Gaming Headset
RazerBlackShark V2 Spatial Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Product Specifications:

  • . Wired Connectivity
  • . Compatible with PC, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Switch & Xbox Series ( S and X)
  • . Dimension Of The Product Is 3.94*6.5*7.88 Inches
  • . Weight Of The Product ls 1.28 Pounds

If you are an esports-obsessed person, then give it your everything with this RazerBlackShark V2 Spatial Surround Sound Gaming Headset. 

Sound Quality:

The triple threat of incredible audio, exceptional mic clarity & absolute sound isolation is one of the remarkable features of this device. Furthermore, the detachable Razer cardioid mic cuts off the ambient commotion from the sides & back. Apart from that, the 9.9 mm removable mic elicits a perfect recreation of speech.

Also, it can be extra tuned through Razer Synapse. In addition to that, the cutting-edge proprietary layout of this device that has three portions for individual tuning( high, mid, low), produces a brighter, richer & clearer audio.

Extra Impressive Features:

Available with Titanium-coated drivers, softer ear cushions, USB sound card & THX Spatial Audio, this headphone from Razer is named among the best studio headphones for gaming in 2021. Moreover, the headphone is lightweight and has an elegant design. Also, it comes wrapped in a plush leatherette. So, with this device, which is considered among the best studio headphones for gaming in 2021, this is your exact time to turn pro now.

Battery Power:

The battery power of this headset is good and will stay longer.


  • . Detachable Mic
  • . Comforting
  • . Lightweight
  • . Memory Foam Cushions For Ear
  • . Breathable Fabric
  • . Detachable Razer Cardioid Mic


  • . Not Wireless
  • . Non-Foldable ( Not Travel Friendly)

Which Factors Should Be Considered For Buying Best Studio Headphones For Gaming?

We all know that studio headphones for gaming are formulated mainly for recording, modifying & mixing tracks. They actually have very tepid sound signatures. But, there are a large number of brands that are selling this type of headphones and also the prices are different. So, you might be thinking, what factors should you consider before buying a studio headphone for yourself? Let’s help you out with that:

1. Sound stage:

Though a gaming headphone doesn’t need a vast sound stage, still if you purchase a headphone with a large sound stage, it would make your listening experience immersive. Open-back headphones retain very good sound stages while closed-back ones retain somewhat narrower sound stages.

2. Imaging:

Imaging is very important for a few types of games such as FPS shooters. But, it is also based on your choice. 

3. Build-in quality & comfort:

Another thing you have to consider while buying these headphones is their quality. Also, see if the headphone you are going to buy will give you comfort or not. All the headphones that we have listed above are made of high-quality materials and will also give you comfort. So, you may go for any one of them.

Before buying a headphone you must ensure that it’s not too heavy, tight, or uncomfortable. Also, go for headphones that offer ample padding, soft ear cups, replacement parts & removable cables.

4. Price:

Price is a major factor before buying not only headphones but anything. People always proceed to buy those items that match the amount in their pocket and headphones are no exception.

Our Final Words:

So, now, as we have acquainted you with the 3 best studio headphones for gaming and also the buying guide for purchasing gaming headphones, select the headphone that robes your purpose best.



Is a studio headset better for gaming?

Answer: Though most studio headphone sets are not frequency response, still some are made for gaming. Such headphones offer you an excellent gaming experience.

What are some best studio headphones for gaming?

Answer: The best studio headphones for gaming are:
. Astro Gaming A50 Headset
. Logitech G Pro Lightspeed Gaming Headset
. RazerBlackShark V2 Spatial Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Are wired headphones better for gaming?

Answer: When it is about gaming, wired headsets are much more valuable for gamers who play games entirely at their desk. However,  those who crave consoles or attach their PC with television will always like the flexibility of headsets that are wireless.

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