BenQ 4k Led Projector |Led Projector USA 2021 | Home Theater Projector

BenQ 4k Led Projector |Led Projector USA 2021 | Home Theater Projector

Benq 4K LED PROJECTOR  has a heritage of high-quality projectors. The new Benq Tk 850 is no exception that. It can push 3000 lumens, support 4k UHD, HD R10 project a clean image up to 200 inches.

With built-in stereo speakers and the latest HDMI 2.0 connection, it can sense as a television just by hooking up a disc or streaming box. It can compete with room lighting with high output. It delivers a razor as a sharp image with super-resolution.

Led Projector USA 2021 | BenQ 4k Led Projector | Home Theater Projector

Led Projector USA 2021 | BenQ 4k Led Projector | Home Theater Projector
Led Projector USA 2021 | BenQ 4k Led Projector | Home Theater Projector
  • very good brightness
  • HDR10 and HLG support.
  • Sharp 4k image.
  • No wide colour gamut.
  • Limited lens shift.
  • High input lag.

Design : BenQ 4k Led Projector

You have turned up the projector, TK 850 is pretty easy on the eyes. It features soft rounded edges, in large design, all of which helps to prevent this rather bulky (13cm*38cm*26cm) piece of hardware from the domination room.

BenQ 4k Led Projector is a pixel shift feature that exalts (3840*2160) addressable pixels in practice is very hard and wishes from a native 4k display.

DLP is the sharpness champ among projectors tech and Benq leverages is 100% identical to its product. Benq low-cost projectors come with a lens sitting towards the side and a single IR sensor being placed too far insight.

On the left side only the Benq logo and nothing else. Benq uses high-quality lenses in order to block stray light that appears on the floor or ceiling depending on use.

Exactly above the lens on the top side, there is a sliding door that hides a few lens controls. In these use get 2 wheels for zoom and focus while a third dial is used for the vertical shift.

The top face is also using a familiar layout as on the bottom half we get a few built-in buttons and function light.

A circular layout button is used for navigation control as well as keys to re-correction and adjustment with a power button to the left button below for the back, menu, and source selection.

Above navigation buttons, there are LED lights for power, temperature checking, and camp. condition. On the button of the top face, there is a second IR sensor that is used if the projector is placed in the ceiling.

Picture quality: Led Projector USA 2021

Supporting 4k UHD in 60 Hz, the TK 850 is sharp. There are also some adjustments to sharper up image even more. Additionally, Tk 850 also supports HDR10 and HLG.

It is going to look best in a dark room. Not only does it use 4k ultra, HD resolution, the all-glass-to-relevant crystal lens every increases clarity and light penetration. The result is a projector image that looks even sharper than other 4k projectors. But at the time of viewing 3D content on the Benq 4K LED PROJECTOR Tk 850, you must get 4k resolution.

You will get a clear and immersive 3D viewing experience on it. Colour accuracy supports HDR10 and produces 98% of the Rec-709 color gamut. In Iams terms, colors really pop off the screen and give a hyper-realistic picture that makes it easy to get sucked into shows and movies.

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Sound and noise : BenQ 4k Led Home Theater Projector

Two 5w speakers on the rear of the Tk 850, provide decently loud sound, but it won’t be as good as a dedicated setup. But with both SPDIF and 3.5 mm audio-out the Tk 850, should connect easily with most systems.

Fan noise is also pretty noticeable on Tk 850 when watching in one of the normal picture modes. There is a silent mode that helps to drastically drop the fan noise by making some adjustments to the picture, but it is still barely audible.

Technology : BenQ 4k Led Projector

The Tk 850 is using familiar pixel-shifting technology to display 4k resolution images on the screen. This is done by showing a full HD 1080p image and by slightly changing positions there more times in every fast speed that is undetectable by the naked eye.

We get a full 4k image. The Benq is using the same single 0.47″ DMD chip from Texas Instruments that scans in other products. Previous versions we had seen before like a narrower frame which is a pleasant update and less distracting.

While wing a single elip also has its advantages compared to other multiple LCD chip technologies that are prone to misalignment and thus to blur, shadowing, and interferences patterns.

Input lag :

The Led Projector ( BenQ 4k Led Projector) was disappointed in the input lag test. In general, we consider 50 ms a good upper limit where input lag does not interfere at all while playing video games, even for those that are considered more hard-core. Unfortunately, Tk 850 comes even close to the number.

With 1080p content, we get an 81 ms measurement, while in 4k resolution this climbed even further to 83 ms. Next, we connected our PS4 and took our call of duty WW2 dise out for a spin. Now to be completely honest with you the high lag did not bother us at all.

For most games like call of duty that needs for reaction, it may need some getting used to by for flower simple player games must of time we did not even notice the delay.

Motion performance : Led Projector

The unit comes with cinemas Master video to suit. It also includes the motion enhancer 4K which is basically the motion interpolation. The Tk 850 uses for eliminating laggy images, jittery playback, and blurry shadows.

By inserting 36 interpolated frames between individual frames, the projector can smooth out each sequence and create a blur-free image.

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Conclusion :

If you want the best quality picture for your money, then the Tk 850 is a solid choice. Advanced lens and sophisticated display technology for an incredible price, Benq Tk 850 is a perfect option for families, movies buffer, and sports fans who want an easily affordable way to get big-screen entertainment.

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