Transform Your Computer into a 3D Display with a Holographic Side Panel

Both small and large versions of the panel are available and can be installed either inside or outside of the window of your computer case.

For quite some time now, it has been possible to enhance the interior of your PC with RGB lighting or even with screens that can be placed on your cooling pump or RAM. However, the addition of a holographic display is something that is somewhat new and unique.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held last year, a company called Showcase PC showcased holographic PC cases that were able to project images from within their side panel or top panel. While these cases did not ultimately make it to market, the company has rebranded as Showcase Hologram and is now planning to release kits for holographic side panels that can be installed on existing PC chassis.

The company has introduced two versions of its Hologram Side Panel: one is a large unit intended to replace or be placed in front of a PC’s side window, and the other is a small kit designed to attach to the inside of a PC window. The small kit is shown in the accompanying image.

Senior Editor Sarah Jacobsson Purewal had an opportunity to observe the Showcase Hologram Side Panels during a demonstration at the company’s booth at the CES. She reported that the images were visually appealing, vibrant, and very distinct (not appearing too translucent). She observed an image of a dancing cat, Mario, and other characters during the demonstration.

A representative from the Showcase company demonstrated to Sarah Jacobsson Purewal how the different kits could be attached. The large kit involves installing a magnetic stand on the exterior of the PC case and then placing the clear acrylic hologram box containing the spinning hologram lights and electronic components on top of the stand.

The company stated that the large Hologram Side Panel could replace a PC’s side window if the window can be removed from the chassis. However, since it is not integrated into the case and is only intended to cover the area where the side panel would be, it may be possible to install it in front of the existing window instead.

The small version of the kit attaches to the inside of the computer and can be placed in a specific corner, as demonstrated by the representative placing it in the lower left corner. The small kit is enclosed and powered via USB, meaning it could be used independently of a PC. Showcase mentioned that the images and animations can be uploaded through a mobile application, also any black pixels in the image will be treated as transparent.

Designing the holographic panels as separate components rather than as built-in features of a case seems like a more viable solution compared to the previous year’s product. By doing so, it allows the holograms to be used with existing chassis and eliminates the need for the company to create a case that might not be universally appealing.

Showcase Hologram also shared its plans to sell a range of hologram kits that aren’t specific to PCs, such as frames and hologram wearables. The small and large Hologram Side Panel Kits will be released in either Q2 or Q3 of this year at a price of $149 and $199 respectively.

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